Thank you, Taste of Home!

LAST THURSDAY, the Two Girls had the incredible opportunity of attending a Taste of Home Cooking School Event! It was out of this world fantastic! Undoubtedly, Taste of Home is one of the premier food publications available. Thanks to Chef Barna and everyone else whose amazing work made it absolutely unforgettable. We had front row VIP seats (the perks were totally worth the price), and each and every recipe we saw was unbelievable. If you ever get the chance to attend one of these events, DO IT!!! You will not be sorry – it was like a foodie’s paradise. We circled around the atrium to check out the large variety of vendors; there was everything from Thirty-One Gifts and Pampered Chef to Evil Sisters and other local artisans. When it was time for the event to start, we had a special VIP meet and greet with Chef Barna, who is incredibly knowledgeable as well as entertaining. We really did learn a lot of tips and tricks to make ourselves better cooks. We also got a free wine glass and a free cookbook signed by the chef himself! It was a wonderful girls’ night out and we learned so much. I cannot emphasize enough how much fun it was. We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to try the food, but they gave away so many prizes (including the food and the dishes that each recipe was presented on!) that we could hardly believe it. We will definitely be attending again next year!

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